Monday, March 5, 2012

Chunky Hardware Friendship Bracelets

I love receiving friendship bracelets, but I am not the biggest fan of wearing them because they tend to clash with my clothes, the rest of my jewelry, etc. After ruining one of favorite necklaces (I accidentally flushed part of it down the toilet), I started looking around in thrift stores for old chains that I could potentially take apart and use. While searching for chains, I found the most amazing, chunky gold chain. Unfortunately, it was sewn to the neckline of a shirt as part of the design. The shirt was unflattering and not really worth buying, but for $1.50, I figured the price covered the chain alone. Once at home, I realized that the chain would look amazing paired with some color. Even better, it would look prettier combined with a different texture, like...embroidery thread!
 My first step was to cut the chain. I figured half chain and half friendship bracelet would look nice. 
 I then picked my colors of coral, beige, purple and, forest green.
   I then folded the strings in half and tied them into a knot around the end of the chain.
 Organizing the thread into a perfectly symmetrical pattern, I begin to tie the Chevron pattern. 
 Starting with the string on the far left, loop the string over and under the string to the right. Pull snug and repeat so that each string has two knots. Continue until the middle is reached. Begin on the right side and move to the left. Tie the two middle pieces together and repeat steps starting on left.
Braid remaining pieces into two braided strands and tie them around the loose end of the chain.
Pair with other fun pieces and ENJOY!


  1. Oh my goodness, why are you so cool? So honored to be your little :')

  2. no way! I am sooooo honored to be your big! you inspire me every day <3