Thursday, February 23, 2012

Consequences of Random Wanderings Through an Art Store

I have not purchased clay in probably a good 7 or 8 years. We'll just say the last time I bought clay, I wasn't the one doing the buying. So on Friday, after deciding to trek on down to University to engage in the beautiful art of thrifting, I decided that I had never gone into Utrecht, a really nice, fully-stocked art store that carries every imaginable art supply. I decided to journey there first...BAD IDEA! (I almost bought everything in the store!) I grabbed several things including a mini canvas, a few paintbrushes, and calligraphy pens before my guilt and poorly-timed realization set in, and I remembered the painful truth, "Oh yeahhhhh...I'm a college student and I'm kinda sorta broke..." So I had to make the embarrassing, yet economically necessary, walk of shame to put back every item I had grabbed during my I-am-an-artist-here-I'll-prove-it haste to buy the store. (My wallet thanked me later.) But before I did leave, I happened upon the clay section of the store (AND the watercolor postcard section AND the mini canvas sale section) and allowed my excitement to run rampant. In short, I did not leave empty-handed, but I also didn't leave feeling guilty or with a noticeably lighter wallet (that's why you NEVER carry cash!). I only spent about $7 on three really great items: a pack of 15 watercolor postcards (project to be posted later), 2 small packs of red clay (the results of said random purchase featured in this post), and a mini-stretch canvas. I can be crafty AND economical!
I had an absolute blast making these small heart shaped beads. 
First and foremost, knead the clay. If you are weak like me, this takes several minutes. 
 Pinch off small dime size pieces and shape into thick triangular shapes. 
Using a large safety pin or paper clip, make three small indents (top front, top, and top back), and round out the edges.
 Poke a hole through center using same large safety pin or paper clip.
Bake at 275* for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch thickness

THEN...Make fun things!

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