A Little About a Rose

I am Sophia Rose.
I am proud to call two towns on opposite ends of California HOME.

I am a fourth year undergrad with a love for quaint little towns, interested in all that is art and fashion. I can pretty much be summed up in the following archetypes: 
          ~Scrapbook Extraordinaire
          ~Self-Proclaimed Clothes Horse and Shoe Fanatic
          ~Thrifting Goddess
          ~Amateur/Aspiring Cook-to-be
          ~All-Around Crafty/Creative Person
          ~Museum Attendee Wannabe
          ~A Not-Quite, But Certainly-Intended and, Therefore, Soon-to-be Literary Genius
But in all truth, I pretty much change on a day-to-day basis. As taken from one of my favorite novels: "My Nature Varies; The Mood of One Hour Is Sometimes the Mockery of the Next" ~Villette.

For example, I am happiest when it is raining, I am snuggled in my bed, and I have an amazing book or fashion magazine in hand, and a whole empty day ahead of me...That, or a day thrifting in SF, boba in hand! I really just like to engage in something different everyday. I do not want to exist as a "creature of habit." Habits lead to boredom. One of my greatest pet peeves is routine. I will break my face-washing cycle just because the thought of routine kills me. TMI, but true. 

I love to be crafty. In all that I do, I implement a scrapbooking state of mind. I like to think that both my method of writing and my sense of style require this scrapbook mentality. Every word on my paper and every item in my wardrobe possesses a complementary word or accessory that will take it from ordinary to extraordinary. It just requires a little time, patience, and an eye for aesthetics. I believe aesthetics are EVERYTHING

I am also a dreamer of dreams. Think Willy Wonka. I have WAY too many dreams, and when I start rattling off my list of dreams, I am pretty sure I come off as a very indecisive person. But I promise, I'm not. At least, not really. 
Right now, I am thinking an internship at a local art gallery after graduation (I am currently interning at a wonderful contemporary art gallery in San Francisco and I LOVE it).
After that, grad school in Massachusetts for a Master's in Art History.
And then, perhaps venturing off into the world to work as a curator, a stylist, in PR, as a fashion journalist, interior designer...there I go again!
But my ultimate goal, and the point of this blog's title, is to open my own greeting card boutique. I have a VERY small Etsy store, The Mossy Rock, but it is not yet filled with ALL the wonderful goodies I envision. It's pretty much only in existence as a name. Perhaps I will start with a booth at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles. I will be sure to let you all know!
But in the meantime, I would love to share some of the happenings in my own life as well as those things that I find inspiring, interesting, memorable, and oh so aesthetically pleasing to behold! 

Happy Reading!