Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year to all!
I just love the start of something new, especially a new year. But with the new year, I find myself desiring a new self. Who doesn't? But this typically entails a new wardrobe, new knickknacks to freshen up the appearance of my room, and so on. So in more simplified terms this means spending--and certainly the makings of a newer, richer 2013 version of myself, if only in my mind. 
But  today, ignoring this slight financial setback, I did as I do every year and commenced my New Year's online window-shopping spree.
While doing so, I rediscovered the Etsy store, Haven Vintage, and subsequently formulated my late New Year's resolution. 
An old scale with decorative pine cones would add the perfect touch of rustic to any room. I would put it in my kitchen.
Toss out the old magazine rack and use an old colander instead. It has so much more whimsy!
While you're at it, throw out the old side table or nightstand! Short ladders make a great makeshift  bookshelf.
I found this store several months ago and saved it in my favorites.
It is an amazing store filled with old, somewhat nostalgic, items that have been photographed to show their new repurposed uses. I would definitely recommend checking out Colleen's various items for inspiration or purchase!
After perusing the various items and seeing how creatively Colleen repurposed these everyday items into unique pieces, I began to really ponder my notion of the "new self."
Who says a new self is dependent on new things? 
I say a new self entails a new way of thinking, a new way of seeing; a technique that Colleen seems to understand as is demonstrated by her work.
And that, friends, is my New Year's resolution: to think with a renewed mind, to see with newly opened eyes, and to create with a fresher outlook on life. 
Cheers to 2013!