Thursday, March 15, 2012

Magical Snail Mail

One of my other fun craft ideas, a result of my Utrecht explorations. I actually found this idea online but the concept of the shoe is entirely my own. My best friend and I have a big-time consumer crush on Christian Louboutin heels. But then who can resist these beauties? Funny story, this past January we both went to Vegas, though on separate trips (a few days apart), and we each asked our respective travel-buddy to photograph us in front of Christian Louboutin stores. Best friends do think alike!

The concept of this project is simple. Using multiple blank postcards arranged into a canvas format, draw, paint, charcoal, etc. an image, design, or message. Once finished and completely dry, scramble up the postcrds and send one postcard every few days to one friend (or other penpal). They must save each postcard and arrange the postcards to see the final image, design, message. 

My first step was to actually draft my design in light pencil and then go over the design with watercolors.
 Be patient and be prepared to spend some time on this project. It's worth it!
Mail the postcards every few day with an encouraging note, funny anecdote, new recipe, etc. and exercise great strength not to send them all at once!

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