Sunday, July 8, 2012

For Those Lacking in Frosting Talents

I have been so excited to make lemon blackberry cupcakes. Unfortunately, I came to the really sad realization that I do not know how to frost cupcakes to save my life, so I improvised and decided to play with some powdered sugar to spruce up their aesthetic appeal (and taste!). I think I made it up, but who really invents anything anymore with Pinterest and memories of everything seen online?  I just got a piece of cardstock, cut a heart in the center, placed it over the frosted cupcake and sprinkled powder sugar over the heart.
They came out really good! The tart, lemony goodness of the cupcake perfectly balanced the sweet homemade, blackberry frosting. The cupcakes have pretty much disappeared from our countertop here at home, so I would consider the recipe a success. 
Just a note: I only used 3 cups of confectioner's sugar for the icing (half of what it asks for) and the icing was still a bit too sweet for my personal liking.

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